Gas Explosion in Pennsville, NJ

Gas explosion in Pennsville displays true definition of negligence

Another gas leak in Pennsville reported last night on 9/19/15 on Route 49 near Clifton Place in Pennsville, NJ after previous gas explosion in Pennsville. Residents are troubled, worried, and need/deserve answers. Both Kline Construction and South Jersey Gas have shown complete negligence in regards to the issue that has been known about and still seems to be a problem.

Pennsville, NJ  –  Negligence = “failure to take proper care in doing something” in the dictionary. This is the only word that comes to mind when describing the recent gas explosion in Pennsville when a Kline Construction worker allegedly “hit/disturb an unmarked, older South Jersey Gas natural gas line” causing gas to fill the basement of the building at 111 North Broadway. This leaked gas eventually caught flame from a “pilot light” in the building’s heater and lead to the explosion, original sources have so far concluded.

The explosion that literally shook Pennsville around 8:00am this past Tuesday morning, September 15th, 2015 was a scary incident in what could be a major infrastructural issue. Fortunately, no lives were lost in this mishap, and we [the community] did not have to learn the hard way, but, before we have to, let’s try educating ourselves as to the issues at hand.

Before the explosion, there have been a couple well-known and documented gas leaks throughout Pennsville where work by Kline Construction was being done. The company, who is a South Jersey Gas contractor, is in the process of working on an ongoing gas main and service renewal project in Pennsville.

The two previous gas leakage areas and dates (according to sources including witnesses, EMS authorities & more) have been:

  • Jun 17th – Rt 49 and Ferry Rd.
  • Sept 9th – Rt 49 and Heron Ave.

Video of recent explosion from the Associated Press’s YouTube Page:

What is scary is that even after the September 15th explosion, another gas leak just last night was detected on September 19th at Route 49 near Clifton Place. EMS personnel and South Jersey Gas officials responded and supposedly took care of the issue by having to replace or conduct maintenance to a valve nearby according to the woman who reported the leak last night (the event being confirmed by multiple Pennsville Police officials and other sources). The leak near Clifton place and Route 49 was said to have been repaired at approximately 12:38 AM. this morning 9/20/15.

No one has reassured the residents of Pennsville that they are safe! Work was halted by South Jersey Gas and Kline Construction. Well then, what lead to last night’s natural gas leakage? If it was a “shotty valve,” was this somehow impacted by or caused from this past week’s explosion? If so, how many other valves nearby are there that may need inspection?

The “average citizen” does not have much of an idea of how the natural gas lines work or are laid out within his/her community. Perhaps, if the citizens of Pennsville are safe, then let’s have someone really explain to them why they should feel safe with factual details and explain the extra emergency management precautions being enforced and that are underway to stop anymore possible gas leaks and future explosions!?

  • The people need and rightfully deserve answers. Is South Jersey Gas’s negligence of not having this gas main marked, merely, the “tip of the iceberg” in the quality of work/service provided both originally and during the present? 
  • While the gas main that caused the explosion allegedly was not marked, still, have their been previous unmarked mains that have been properly dealt with or is this the first unmarked gas main that Kline Construction has come across?
  • Are their proper procedures and protocols in place to prevent any disturbance to or to try to mark any unknown gas mains that may happen to exist?

Citizens in Pennsville are concerned and troubled. They want and respectfully deserve answers and accountability to be taken in regards to the recent gas leaks and explosion. Below is an example of just that.

A new petition has recently been put out by a community-oriented Facebook Page called “Citizens of Pennsville” and its petition has grew from less than 100 signatures to nearly 300 since its creation this past week.


If no answers are revealed to ensure the public’s safety then it is understood why the public may feel Kline Construction is partially at fault. However, this is a deeper situation and the work by Kline Construction cannot be ruled the only ones at fault for the gas explosion in Pennsville, however, the people of Pennsville deserve the right to know, and to know ASAP!

Not too much information can be found on Kline Construction online but a search does yield their website at


One question this editor/reporter would like to know is where are our local, County, and State Officials to make certain this matter is dealt with as promptly and effectively as possible and to reassure residents they are safe in regards to faulty natural gas lines?


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