Penns Grove High School

PG Twins to host ‘Meet the Candidates’ for PG/CP Board of Education

The Penns Grove Twins Youth Football Organization is hosting ‘Meet the Candidates’ on Wed. October 15 at 6:30pm at the Penns Grove High School Auditorium. The PG/CP Board of Education has 5 seats up for election in 2014.

Five Open BOE Seats for PG/CP:

  • 2 full term for PG for which there are 5 candidates
  • 1 partial term (2 years)for PG for which there are no candidates
  • 1 full term for CP for which there are (I think) 3 candidates
  • 1 partial term (2 years)for CP for which there are 2 candidates

The forum will include each candidate from Penns Grove and Carney’s Point who is running for the Penns Grove/Carneys Point School Board. Each candidate will be given 5 minutess to introduce themselves and tell about themselves and will be asked a few questions from the audience. The forum will be fair and unbiased to each candidate.

The idea was initiated because many times people are running for the school board and community members have no idea who these people are and, therefore, could be overlooking some great candidates that could serve to greatly benefit the students.

“We want the best for our students.” says Greg Martin of Penns Grove Twins Football

Attendees that have confirmed they will be at the Meet the Candidates forum are as follows:

Penns Grove Board of Education Candidates who have confirmed attendance:

  • Howard Hoover
  • Melissa Bundy
  • Vicki Smith
  • Anthony Oliver
  • Addison Roberts

Carney’s Point Board of Education Candidates who have confirmed attendance:

  • William Luzzo
  • Fred Tomarchio
  • Meggan Kucinskas
  • Angela Gross
  • Ronald Vogeding
  • Randall Sweeney

The only candidates that have not confirmed that are running are Kenny James of Penns Grove and Maribel Bermudez of Carney’s Point; however, they still have time for confirmation of attendance. They can do so by contacting Greg Martin at 856-275-3251 or by email

The Penns Grove Twins Football Organization asks all Penns Grove, Carneys Point and Oldmans Twp. citizens to come out to this event and engage in it! This is your chance to inquire about who will be leading and guiding the youth of these great communities.


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